“If you can dream it, you can do it”

About Us

The history of Dentire Ltd canbe traced back to 2002 , when Mr. Dror Meshulam, third generation to tire experts , became the owner of Dentire.
Today , we are the leading company in Israel , Palestinian authority and Gaza . We are selling more than 1 million tires a year, which gives us a tremendous market share in Israel.
Dentire Ltd Group owns Alon Chets Ltd . A company specializing in a boutique niche of importing and selling RIMS as well as Parallel importing tires.

Our brands

Sales and distributions


700+ Customers.

10,000 M 2

10,000 M , state-of-the-art, Logistic Center.


We have Great team of 12 sales leaders.


We are specializing in Brand Development and efficiency.